It is the perfect blend of fashion, comfort, whimsy and everything in between.

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Welcome to Luxbella!

I launched my fashion career working for major haute couture brands in NYC, and I enjoyed every minute of it. That experience shaped my appreciation of luxury brands and high-end pieces, then.

But In today's world, high end may not be as practical or affordable. So, we've created our line to appeal to everyone.

Our brand is eclectic. It is the perfect blend of fashion, comfort, whimsy and everything in between. We want our customers to look and feel beautiful in our unique pieces. Whether you dress our apparel up or down, one thing is for sure - you're going to turn heads!

Luxbella Tee's and Gifts Testimonials

Highly recommended
"This was purchased as a gift & the recipient was extremely happy to receive it." - Angela Shortle

"Was not disappointed! The description was exactly what I received." - Serena Pearce

We hope you love our shop. Please send us photos of our products in your homes. They provide us with inspiration, and may be shared on our social media channels (with your permission).

- Luxbella Tee's and Gifts Team

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Save $ –  We wanted to provide a products that you can use in your every day lives that are useful and helpful. This was partly the reason we created Luxbella Tee's and Gifts.

Fast Shipping – We are a proud American company we only ship from suppliers within the United States, so you do not have to wait long for your items. Our online store aims to offer everything you need an all-in-one easy to use site.

Fast Customer Support – LUXBELLA TEE'S & GIFTS also offers amazing customer support. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at teesandstuffstore@gmail.com. See our Contact page for more information.